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Dr Charmine Hartel 37.5

Charmaine is a really nice person but jeez she is so disorganised. I took MGTS3604 in Sem 1, 2015 and she would go off on a tangent for an hour, realise she had only 15 minutes left before the lecture finished then skip over like 60-80% of the lecture slides saying 'oh read that in your own time' or 'read that later on by yourself'. I realise after the first few weeks that there was no reason to even attend the lectures as she just talked and talked and talked about random and pointless things - using the lecture recording was an easy way to fast forward over her banter and get to the actual lecture content.

She also has a habit of citing her own references from journal articles she found - most of the lecture slides having more than 3-4 slides of references at the end that she'd cited arbitrary. When I asked her if the referencing of outside sources was examinable she said 'Whatever I feel is important, I will test you guys on, that may be what I've referenced or may just be the textbook, not sure yet, it depends...'. So frustrating.

Lecture slides were not uploaded until literally a few hours before the lecture (it was at 8am Fridays so I never got a chance to print it out beforehand as I had to leave). Lecture slides were confusing, filled with ridiculous amounts of external referencing and no help on identifying key theories to study for and she just skipped over everything anyway.

Overall, I honestly wouldn't take any other courses run by her. It's just too frustrating trying to chase her down and ask her questions about assessment that should already be answered in the ECP, like the formatting for the essay we did, what the word limit was and what the structuring was for the assessment... None of that was explained to us.

Which course did you take? (e.g. MGTS1301)


  • Nice person
  • Knowledgable on HR topic
  • Extremely disorganised
  • Lecture slides were almost impossible to decipher, ridiculous amounts of external referencing used and no help on identifying key theories to study for
  • Goes off on tangents every lecture
Posted on June 14, 2015 10:25 pm

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