Dr Saiied Aminossadati

Faculty Mechanical & Mining Engineering
Courses Taught MINE3124
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Dr Saiied Aminossadati 100.0

Dr Saiied Aminossadati or Amin as he likes to be known is simply amazing at his job. He teaches in a manner that is very easy to learn and keep the whole class focused on the topic at hand. He finds neat and impressive ways to show concept such as Bernoulli's Principle and knows almost everything there is to know about fluid statics and dynamics. Amin is such a nice guy and is willing to chat with you about anything. He practically tells you what to expect in the exams and what to study, he focuses more on the learning rather than making it all about the marks. I am in 4th year and have had some AWFUL lectures and I can tell you Amin is the best I could hope for, I just wish he taught the whole course and didnt swap out for the last 3/4 weeks!

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  • Enthusiastic
  • Great Teacher
  • Super nice and approachable
  • Didnt take the whole course! Nooo
  • Doesnt lecture any other courses I take
Posted on June 5, 2017 11:13 am

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