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AERO4200 – Flight Mechanics & Avionics 79.0

Having an interest in aircraft, I found the course content very interesting. The course is divided into a few broad sections: aircraft stability criteria, aircraft stability testing (guest lecturer), aircraft performance, and navigation/avionics (guest lecturer). Each section starts from very basic principles and progresses to real-world application. In general, the content was not difficult compared to other AERO subjects, and mainly involves memorising the definitions of lots of similar variables and how to use them.

The assignments and final exam are very much based on the lecture content and tutorial sheets. There are a lot of fairly large equations to use, but they are all included in the lecture notes and the final exam is open book, so you can print the lecture notes and bring them in. The avionics assignment requires some Python coding, which is assumed prior knowledge.

As part of the aircraft stability testing section, you have the option to go up in a ~10 seater aircraft with the guest lecturer while the pilot does some maneuvers to test stability (including 2G turn and 0G pushover). It is a lot of fun and one of the most memorable experiences of my degree.

Taken in Semester 1, 2019

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Semester 1 - 2017

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BE(Hons) - Mech/Aero

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Not really

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  • Applicable content
  • Detailed lecture notes
  • Get to experience flight test maneuvers
  • Lots of variables to learn
Posted on December 21, 2019 8:51 am

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