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AERO4300 – Aerospace Composites 70.1

This is a fairly interesting introduction to designing and manufacturing composite parts. I feel like I learned a lot of very applicable information, but I have also realised that composite design is extremely complicated and this course just scratches the surface; it mainly helps you to see how much work is required to design a safe composite part.

The course covers a few main topics: composite material stress/strain/failure analysis, material types/properties, and manufacturing processes. There is a LOT of information covered in the lectures, and the final exam requires you to be able to access pretty much all of it. You can take a sheet of notes and a graphics calculator in the final exam, so make sure you prepare those carefully.

The lecture notes on stress/strain/failure analysis are not very detailed, so lecture and tutorial attendance for that section is pretty important. Martin is happy to answer questions and explain things in more detail, but you have to be there for him to do that. The lecture notes on material properties and manufacturing processes are very detailed, and the lecturer pretty much just reads from the slides.

There is a pretty chill prac where you make a simple, flat, CFRP part to give you exposure to the difficulties in manufacturing composite parts. You don't have to write a report on it, so it is quite enjoyable to just soak in the experience. The assignments are fairly interesting and require actual thought. They expect more than just regurgitating what was presented in lectures. The final exam requires significant preparation.

Taken in semester 2, 2019.

Semester taken

Semester 1 - 2017

Your program/major

BE(Hons) - Mech/Aero

Is lecture attendance necessary?

For the section on stress/strain/failure - Yes

Is the textbook necessary?


  • Interesting pracs and assignments
  • Seems like critical content to learn if you ever work with composites
  • Lots of content to learn
  • Some topics have limited resources
Posted on December 21, 2019 9:09 am

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