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Learning Materials ( 56.5 )
Learning Activities ( 53 )
Blackboard Management ( 90 )
Course Content ( 65 )
Course Structure ( 62.5 )
Contact Availability ( 65 )
Course Difficulty ( 52.5 )

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ECON3210 – Financial Markets & Institutions 29.9

Terrible course for finance students or logical thinkers. Frederique only knows how to explain financial concepts in an abstract way that's very suited to her arts doctorate. The course itself is very boring and not useful at all from a career point of view. Frederique's marking criteria is very poor and she's very ambiguous with her assessable questions - this is mostly because her English skills aren't the best. A lot of students who are very good at finance and know the content well were marked down a lot because of these factors.

You are provided with A LOT of reading and quizzes, but the lecturer doesn't summarise it well. Her approach to teaching is just bombarding you with content without actually making it easier to read/more accessible to students.

The exams and content are easy but even then your grade could be bad due to Frederique's absurd marking.

Semester taken

Semester 2 - 2016

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Is lecture attendance necessary?


Is the textbook necessary?

No textbook

  • Lots of content
  • Weekly quizzes for revision
  • Questions are often incomprehensible
  • Is unreasonable with marking
  • Compulsory tute attendance (no allowances if sick/public holiday)
Posted on November 15, 2016 6:00 pm
ECON3210 – Financial Markets & Institutions 97.1

Great course! Weekly online revision quizzes (non-assessable) were extremely helpful and very reflective of the difficulty of the assessable quiz questions and MCQ. Tutorial questions were well explained and there weren't too many questions crammed into each tutorial. A lot of resources were available, with the majority of tute/quiz questions reflecting the style and difficulty of questions you will face on the exam. Overall, I felt very prepared for both exams. I feel the course is taught in a way that is genuinely trying to educate you and prepare you for a future job, as opposed to courses where lecture content is uncreative and curveballs are thrown at you come exam time.

Semester taken

Semester 1 - 2015

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Is lecture attendance necessary?

No - but if listening online you should keep up each week

Is the textbook necessary?

You don\'t have to buy one :)

  • Lots of resources
  • Content challenging yet reasonable
Negatives No negative points
Posted on November 18, 2015 11:06 am

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