ELEC4400 – Advanced Electronic & Power Electronics Design

Lecturer Dr Rahul Sharma
Course Link UQ Site
Faculty EAIT
Prerequisites For ELEC4400: prereq ELEC3400;For ELEC7402: prereq ELEC7401
Contact Hours 3 Lecture hours, 1 Tutorial hour, 1 Practical or Laboratory hour
Semester(s) Taught Semester 2
Course Units 2
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Learning Materials ( 80 )
Learning Activities ( 80 )
Blackboard Management ( 75 )
Course Content ( 70 )
Course Structure ( 85 )
Contact Availability ( 75 )
Course Difficulty ( 80 )

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ELEC4400 – Advanced Electronic & Power Electronics Design 77.9

Very useful course, will teach you the basics of DC-DC converters.

There are two assignments for the course: the group project and simulink project.
The group project was constructing a controller for a DC motor in a group of 3. From this project you will learn the workings of the diode bridge rectifier, saw tooth wave generator, gate driver, and buck convertor. Like any electronics project it will be time consuming. The correct design and calculation of each component will lead to success and less time commitment in the long run.

The simulink project will deepen your understanding of three phase PWM power, very good project which will force you to learn the underlying theory.

From understanding the projects, you should be able to grasp the theory, but the actual calculations need to be learned from the lectures and tute questions. The quiz exists to act as a wake-up call, and show you how much you will need to study for the mid semester. The final exam wasn't too bad iirc.

In conclusion, fun project, theory is a little dry but useful. Moderate-Hard Course.

Semester taken

Semester 2 - 2015

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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  • Useful
  • Fun Group Project
  • Good Course Structure
  • Hard and Dry Theory
Posted on November 12, 2016 9:31 pm

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