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Learning Materials ( 96 )
Learning Activities ( 82.5 )
Blackboard Management ( 83.5 )
Course Content ( 86 )
Course Structure ( 98 )
Contact Availability ( 83.5 )
Course Difficulty ( 68.5 )

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FINM2400 – Managerial Finance 81.6

I found this course thoroughly enjoyable, the content was challenging in some aspects but never too hard that it felt impossible to get your head around- reading of the textbook really explained concepts well and the examples given make it super easy to understand.

with the assessments every 2 weeks from workshops it makes it easy to ensure you are onto of the workloads and lectures etc. and that you are understanding the content. I found with a good group and some decent research and effort for assignments it is easy to get a very good mark even before going into the final which takes a lot of stress off !

my main negative i would say was the use of the financial calulcators.. i still have absolutely no idea how to use mine the tutors etc. were not very helpful in teaching us this.. so i ended up doing all calculations by using the math formulas which is a lot more time consuming and if your math skills aren't very good can waste you a decent amount of time in the mid sem.

Semester taken

Semester 1 - 2015

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Is lecture attendance necessary?

no i watched it all online- but can be helpful for calculator help !

Is the textbook necessary?

yes ! helps so much for exams and assignment understanding, definitely read the chapters!

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Posted on November 11, 2015 12:35 pm
FINM2400 – Managerial Finance 89.3

This course has the stigma of being 'very difficult' but I found if you attend lectures, go to tutorials and spend time learning the content you'll be OK. Please be aware that there is a high degree of assumed prior knowledge in terms of maths and graphing skills - this makes it hard to study as you need to learn the math first then learn the content.

Assessment was weighted really well, fair percentages for the smaller tasks and higher for those that took you longer BUT there was A LOT of assessment (an in class quiz every lecture and little tasks to hand in each fortnight). At the time I did it, there was 4 major assessment pieces; In Class Quiz (10%), Mid Semester Exam (20%), Team Project (30%) and the final exam (40%).

On a good note though, the lectures and lecture slides were amazing - so well written, very informative and so so so so helpful when trying to study for the final exam. The lecturer was fantastic at explaining content, the only thing was that the course had sooooo much content to learn you just feel like you're always one step behind what they're teaching.

Please, please, please do not miss a lecture because if you do, you'll fall behind so quickly its not funny. Same goes for the tutorials - just go to them - don't even contemplate skipping them because you'll likely fail the course.

Overall, a great course, though a little time consuming the assessment is sooo well divided up that you'll likely be sitting close to a pass before you enter into the final exam.

Semester taken

Semester 1 - 2014

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Is lecture attendance necessary?

Yes, nearly all have an assessable \'in class quiz\'

Is the textbook necessary?

Yes, absolutely

  • Lecturer gave real world examples in lecture
  • Well weighted assessment (4 pieces across semester)
  • Lecture and tutorial notes doubled as study notes at the end of the semester as they were straight from the textbook
  • VERY hard course content!
  • Lectures do sometimes become boring
  • There is always something due - a lot of assessment due nearly every couple of days, so stay on top of it
Posted on June 17, 2015 3:26 pm

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