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JOUR1111 – Introduction to Journalism and Communication 83.3

This was my favourite subject. The lecturer (Nat) and the group of tutors are excellent, and always around/willing to help with assessment and further discussion of content. There is a lot of interesting theory presented through real-life examples that make you notice the little things in the media surrounding you.
Lecture slides were extensive and available online.
Assessment was not difficult, and requirements were made clear, however, marks were lots for many people for not interacting enough with the course content.

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Semester 1 - 2013

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  • Fantastic lecturer and tutors
  • Interesting content
  • Easy assessment
  • Bit slow at times
Posted on June 19, 2014 11:22 pm
JOUR1111 – Introduction to Journalism and Communication 86.7

This course was well structured and run by people who know their stuff and are also very approachable and positive. The course is split into modules which breaks up all of the topics and makes it easier to process given the amount of range covered, which was very well handled.

The course covered topics from ownership models of the Australian & international media to ethics and law, and the assignments are well placed and fun. Moving from recording social and other media use to discussing the ways in which journalism can be "good" or "bad" meant that you became easily immersed in the field.

Natalie is very friendly and knowledgeable and covers a lot of ground yet manages to break it up with relevant clips and class discussions with a range of opinions shared being equally welcomed. I have explored the course and learned a lot more about the goings on of media manipulation, particularly in reference to media ownership monopolies in Australia. The lectures only run for an hour but pack a lot of information in ways which make the students feel involved, the range of clips which are also shown are great for a laugh and in unison with the knowledge it really becomes more engaging.

The tutorials are a lot of fun and explore the class readings, topics, a good discussion and often quite a lot of funny interactive material. It is a great chance for material which could seem intimidating to be broken down with real world examples from recent times, once again making it approachable for people from any program to understand. Overall a high recommendation and it also assists with overall communication skills for any student.

Semester taken

Semester 1 - 2014

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  • interactive material
  • you gain knowledge which can assist in critical thinking about the media in australia
  • lovely teachers
Negatives No negative points
Posted on May 29, 2014 12:27 am

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