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KORN2020 – Spoken Korean IB 84.0

Continuing Korean from Semester 1, I found KORN2020 a good challenge and helped me improve my speaking skills a lot. The course continues from Book 1 of the textbook used in KORN1010 so do not fret if you haven't finished the textbook in KORN1010. The contact and lectures had a lot of interactions between both students and with the tutor or lecturer (I had Ken Park for both) so it makes the subject much more enjoyable compared to KORN2022. KORN2020 also looks at the same content as KORN2022 so I'd suggest, if you're taking Korean as an elective, to just take one or the other since it'll be a waste of your electives if you take both in my opinion.

With the assessment, it's very similar to KORN1010 and the vocab tests were easiest then the spoken test with a partner. The listening test was quite difficult because Ken Park has a tendency to add words and sentences that aren't taught in the course. For the final spoken test, there was a list of 70+ possible questions that would be asked (again, some of which contained vocab and grammar not taught within the course). While that did help improve my own understanding of the language, it was useless to practice for all questions when I saw my marker (again Ken Park) ask from the list only three questions (the same three questions he had circled on the sheet).

Overall, a good challenge but too much is expected from you to know for a course that is still learning some of the basics of the language.

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Semester 2 - 2014

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Bachelor of Arts

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  • Good to take alongside KORN2022 and continues from KORN1010
  • Looks at content not inside the textbook - everyday phrases
  • Lots of interactions and inclusion of videos on Korean culture
  • Assessed on vocabulary and grammar points not taught in class
Posted on December 13, 2014 10:46 pm

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