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KORN2101 – Spoken Korean IIA 91.6

Last year I took all the introductory courses in Korean and this course continued to challenge my Korean skills moreso than previous semesters.

First of all, the lecturer (Kim 선생님) spoke a mixture of English and Korean - though the latter was used more for obvious reasons. This helped a lot in terms of listening skills. He encourages us to sound as natural as possible rather than stick with textbook sentences and refuses to move on to the next part of the class until a student's question was answered to the best of his ability.

However, he tends to rely a lot on the textbook's accompanying powerpoint which is loaded with extra content and information. This added a lot of extra content to learn which, while interesting to learn, made the lectures and tutes more rushed, trying to cover every aspect. While the textbook and workbook are required for the course, it seems he only places emphasis on them for the assessment rather than using the books to compliment the course.

Other than that, assessment was pretty simple though I wish there was a listening exam. Only challenging part was the final oral exam as he asks questions outside of the known vocabulary - requiring more outside knowledge to provide a sufficient answer. Kim 선생님 uploads assessment guidelines which says what we will be tested on which helps a lot considering the amount of content. He's quick to contact about anything via email and grades are released pretty fast.

Overall, good course: challenging and rewarding with some minor flaws.

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Semester 1 - 2015

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Bachelor of Arts

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  • Taught with a mix of Korean and English - helps listening skills
  • Assessment guidelines helped study for tests
  • Too much content = rushing through the content
  • Textbook and workbook only seem to be "necessary" for exams rather than complimenting the course
Posted on July 5, 2015 9:37 pm

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