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LATN2120 – Intermediate Latin 81.4

I'm often asked if Latin is hard, there's no yes or no answer to this question. Ultimately it all depends. I personally believe that whilst vastly different, grammatically and in terms of pronunciation Latin is much easier than French. That's just my personal experience. That said however, whilst (in my own opinion) Latin is easier to understand, it requires a LOT more work. I would say at any point in the semester I spent about 60-70 percent of my time on Latin. That was to get a seven, if you want to scrape a pass obviously you'll work on it less.

I feel Luca was brilliant this semester, really knew his stuff and showed an infectious enthusiasm that certainly helped me to learn. Resources were top notch, 10/10 summaries on blackboard on weekly material. UQLatin is my saviour.

I do have one criticism,

4 contact hours, split into two, two hour lessons. This semester they were Wednesday and Friday. Wednesday was for grammar and exercises, and Friday was text translations. Now, UQLatin already has two different completed forms of translations with every single word of those translations colour coded and conjugated/declined. There is no point in spending two hours, literally half the assigned contact hours on something we already have the answers to. Of course there were some grammar concepts that I found confusing, and I think it's fair to say it's necessary to go over the translations, but I would suggest spending no more than half an hour on them, not the full two. The remaining time can be used to either increase vocabulary or go over grammatical concepts.

As for going to class, Go to the Grammar one, if you don't have any questions from the translation then email your assignment in and treat yourself to a long weekend.

Resources on blackboard give such good summaries of the week's content that it's theoretically possible that you could skip every class and learn from them but I wouldn't recommend it. I'm no Austin Powers - I don't like to live dangerously, it's not my bag.

Semester taken

Semester 2 - 2015

Your program/major

BA Classics

Is lecture attendance necessary?

Grammar class yes, translation no.

Is the textbook necessary?

You\'ll already have it from LATN1110 in which it is necessary

  • UQLatin
  • Blackboard weekly review sheets
  • Weekly assignments help keep you on your toes and up to date with revision
  • Second class of the week could focus on something else
  • Diodorus and his bloody cups
  • Verres
Posted on December 4, 2015 10:39 pm

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