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Learning Materials ( 47.5 )
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Blackboard Management ( 47.5 )
Course Content ( 10.5 )
Course Structure ( 60 )
Contact Availability ( 42.5 )
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LAWS4112 – Corporate Law 31.0

Corporate Law is one of the more challenging courses at UQ. Unfortunately, the lectures I attended did not make my journey any easier. The lecturer for my year was Vicky Comino - who I do not doubt is a brilliant academic and is also a wonderful person. However, some finer points of teaching in modern times would not suffer from some improvement. The following is my opinion, and I believe it is a reasonably held opinion given my experience

The lecturer often struggles with technology - multiple lectures started late due to some USB or blackboard hiccup. There were some things in emails that were not on blackboard, and vice versa. This made some questions difficult to answer without emailing directly. The lecturer was slow to reply to emails, and stopped answering emails from a certain date before the exam (though they gave fair warning of this, I find it less than desirable for efficient learning given the above).

The tutor I would recommend above any other person is Rhada Ivory, who is really helpful. I did attend the lecturer's tutorials but they did not suit my personal style of learning, often ran over time, and involved tangents as opposed to answering the set questions.

Mid Sem Exam: a good portion of our mid-semester exam involved question which related to a single dot point on a single slide in one of the first few weeks of class. Luckily my notes had these dot points buried within them - others were not as lucky.

Final Exam: The final exam was pretty fair, but very tight for time. As ever with law exams, you must have good notes and stick to time limits per question.

I couldn't reccomend the prescribed Company Law textbook any more for this course. Also, excellent notes for the exams are a must.

Semester taken

Semester 2 - 2014

Positives No positive points
Negatives No negative points
Posted on July 15, 2014 3:34 pm
LAWS4112 – Corporate Law 45.0

This is perhaps the worst law course at the University of Queensland. The combination of difficult course content with an incoherent approach to its teaching makes it an absolute nightmare to learn. The lecturer, Vicky Comino, focuses heavily on her pet topics like lifting of the corporate veil, which never happens. This means that more important content is neglected during the semester, despite it featuring heavily in exams. This has directly resulted in students often being unable to prepare adequately for the final exam. Previous lecturers have also been no better.

Perhaps the most damning criticism is that the course doesn't seem to be taught for people who want to be corporate lawyers. Instead, it's basically a guilt trip for corporate social responsibility and a tool to convince us that companies are evil tools used by evil people (directors).

Semester taken

  • Interesting content
  • Very poor teaching
  • Assessment not reflective of taught content
Posted on June 24, 2014 10:43 pm

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