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Solehuddin Wahid
MATH2000 – Calculus & Linear Algebra II 79.3

This course for me is neither easy nor hard, just by attending the lectures helped me a lot *I'm lying*. The late-semester lectures were kinda hard to understand (probably because I watched the recordings) *I'm lying again*. Don't miss any lectures because the karma will follow you. This happened to me because I started to miss lectures around week 10. The karma happened during the exam, I felt the time flowed faster and I left three question unanswered even though I know how to solve them *This is obviously a lie*. The assignments given are not that hard, just refer to the workbook and google some examples and you'll eventually finish them *Lying again*. For the final exam, do all past years questions. Make sure you can answer all questions within the time limit, so the same thing which happened to me won't happened to you. I was confident that I will get Band 7, too bad I ended up with 6 *Even though I'm lying, this is for your sake*. The same thing happened to my friends, they didn't have enough time to answer all questions. I wonder if the time allocated is not suitable though *Just another lie*. So, just practice answering the question without thinking too much and you'll be fine *I know you won't do this*. For the tutorial sessions, make use of the time fully by asking questions to the tutors. if you have problems with the assignments, ask the tutors even though they won't give direct answers, just the main concepts. But that's important during the final exam *Dude, everything you learn are important*. Don't worry about the quizzes, the tutors will provide examples before the quiz, the same questions but different numbers of course *Pray to God, let this be true*. For the lecturers, I like the way Jorgen taught us, it was fun. Compared to Mark, it was a bit boring *I'm not lying for this part*.

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Semester 1 - 2017

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Yes, absolutely!

Is the textbook necessary?

No, the workbook is enough.

  • The assessments are neither easy nor hard
  • The tutors help a lot especially for the quiz
  • Workbook is enough
  • The assessment are neither easy nor hard
  • A challenging course
  • My review is not as good as the one with using burger as an analogy :p
Posted on July 9, 2017 7:42 pm
MATH2000 – Calculus & Linear Algebra II 87.9

I want you to imagine you're holding a burger.

Not just any burger; the single best burger you have ever laid eyes on. None of that wanky restaurant arrangement or unusual ingredients you're meant to pretend you enjoy, either; just pure, mouth watering, drool inducing, babe attracting, meaty goodness you can't fit your hands around. Picture this vividly, and then imagine yourself taking a bite.

First, there's the upper dome of the toasted, sesame seed bun. This is the ODE section of MATH2000. This is the introduction that tells you exactly how fresh the following course is going to be, how much care has gone into its construction. It strikes the perfect balance between fluffiness and heartiness, with just the right level of difficulty for a truly visceral ODE-solving experience. Terms like 'Wronskian' provide a satisfying, abstract chumble analogous to sesame seeds meeting your molars. A brief venture into oscillations and hyperbolic functions mimics your fleeting encounter with the bun's toasted underside.

Next, we come to the garnishes - lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese. These are the ingredients that really pull the burger together, that make it more than the sum of its parts, that make MATH2000 a flirtation with heaven itself and not just another math course. Of course, I refer to the fundamentals of integration you'll be learning.

What else could provide the healthy crunch of lettuce but Fubini's beautiful theorem? Do polar and spherical coordinates not remind you of the curvature of a ripe tomato? Is not the tang of fried onion not deeply reminiscent of a well expressed moment integral? And of course, just as a thin layer of flavoursome cheese binds the burger together, so too does interchanging order of integration provide a seamless link from one integral to another.

Let me tell you right now, these ingredients are so fresh they've been plucked straight from the garden and placed right onto your burger, with only a quick wash to remove needless abstraction but retain authenticity.

Hold on, though. Your palate is not done yet.

Finally, we meet the glorious meaty centre that tells you this MATH2000 burger comes from somewhere beyond the mortal realm. We're talking a wagyu beef patty, crispy bacon, and some tender goddamn chorizo. You ever tried chorizo? You're about to, and let me inform you that this meat is officially off the hook.

We're talking hardcore vector calculus.

That's right, you will be chomping through a thick, dangerously meaty layer of vector fields, and you will have to WORK for that beefy goodness. Explore the perfect sear of the patty as you explore surface integrals. Let your mind diverge from any non-meaty thoughts as you use Gauss' divergence formulae. You will be as stoked to devour this burger as you will be to learn of Stokes' theorem.

The winding of the crispy bacon reminds you of the curl of a field. The spice of the chorizo reminds you of the piquant parameterisation of surfaces in R^3.

Can you comprehend all that flavour? HELL NO, and you will not comprehend this content either. Get out your canines, kiddo, you're gonna be working for it...

... until you reach the toasted bun on the other side. You're through. You've done it. The consummation of this meal involves some relatively simple linear algebra you'll barely notice with a mouth still full of meat. Your only thought will be that it caps off the course quite nicely and you're going to have a tough time digesting it all.

But that's okay, because it was worth it.

Oh, and the special sauce I forgot to mention, that makes this burger experience both hedonistic and exquisite? That's Phil Isaac. You're going to want him as a lecturer. The man is an adonis.

Semester taken

Semester 2 - 2013

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BE / BSc

Is lecture attendance necessary?


Is the textbook necessary?


  • Easily the most enjoyable math I've ever done
  • Quite a challenging course
  • I am infatuated with Phil Isaac and I don't even swing that way
  • Some major wtfs at the oscillation content
  • Quite a challenging course
  • You can never have enough Phil Isaac
Posted on November 9, 2014 4:58 am

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