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MATH2302 – Discrete Mathematics II: Theory & Applications 90.3

This is a qual course, fairly pure but that's what you wanted, right?

Resources: no textbook, just good course notes. Just studying these notes would be enough for the midsem but I'd give the leccy's a go before the final. More examples in the notes would be nice so I hope over time they expand it.

My main issue isn't with this course exactly, but that I was hoping for some more advanced logic after MATH1061, to lead into higher level set theory courses [there's no 2nd year logic and set theory courses]. The topology was real dece since the only other time you've seen it is in an analysis course.

If you're shakey on math1061 content some areas might be a bit rough.
This isn't a write-off easy course.
It might seem a bit weird that Math2301 and Math2302 both have bits about group theory... it feels just a little inefficient.

I've always been worse with permutations, combinations and counting, so I didn't really rate that part of the course but I can appreciate that some people love their combinatorics. The graph theory is beautiful, since isn't too much or too little, and this course would lead nicely into third year courses.

If it were up to me, i'd throw in a whole bunch of tiny, miscellanious maths, recreational bits, everything you might see in a popular science book, or it'd be nice if the lecturers could pose some interesting questions, tell you what's still open in mathematics, give you a bigger picture, etc.

The difficulty is mostly conceptual, and just getting familiarity. You just practice a lot and you'll be right, doesn't feel unfair. If you know your stuff it's actually pretty easy but you've got to work for it.

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Semester 1 - 2017

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BSc, Math and Physics Major

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The lectures are worth it

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  • MATH1061++
  • Fun content
  • Bridge for higher graph theory courses
  • Overlaps with Math2301 a little??
  • Notes aren't always enough to learn from
  • Lots of math1061 knowledge expectd
Posted on July 9, 2018 8:36 pm

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