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MATH2400 – Mathematical Analysis 75.0

I found the course content quite challenging during the semester, however after revision you realise that it's not that bad. So I would suggest keeping on top of everything or you will have a heart attack during swotvac.
I wouldn't suggest going to lectures because you will be furiously writing down notes trying to keep up with the lecturer. It's not like math1051/1052/2001 where you have a workbook and fill in the spaces. In lectures there's no time to process anything that is being taught since you're trying to write everything down at the same time.
Tutorials are pretty useful for assignments and covering iffy concepts that were in lectures. It depends on the tutor though (there were two in my semester) because one tutor just went over assignment and lecture stuff when asked and let you do your own thing and but one would do a rehash of most concepts covered within that week and do examples of assignment questions.
The exam was easy compared to previous years. This could be due to a different course coordinator.
Also, there were worked tutorial sheet solutions for only a few questions on each sheet and these were released over swotvac but it was annoying how one tute sheet was released less than 24 hours before the final exam, however none of the content in that tute sheet was in the exam so yeah I can't really complain in hindsight.

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Semester 1 - 2015

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  • easy final and midsem (compared to other semesters)
  • the commando roll from the substitute lecturer
  • top 4 assignments count toward final marks
  • tutorial solutions released late
  • attending lectures impede learning
  • Hoy\'s writing is messy
Posted on July 8, 2015 7:50 pm

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