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MATH3401 – Complex Analysis 87.9

note: took this in semester 1 2016 but UQ review doesn't have that option

This was a really good course, I really wasn't looking forward to taking this course because I didn't really like MATH2400 (but I had to because it's compulsory if you're majoring in maths), and I ended up enjoying it. Joseph was a really good lecturer, great sense of humour and he made a lot of jokes which really livened up the content. The content was conceptually easier to grasp than MATH2400 and if you have previously taken it then it will make 3401 just a bit easier for you. A portion of this course basically involved the manipulation of complex numbers and was less theoretical than MATH2400.

The midsem and final exam were kind of predictable-if you have gone through past exams you should be fine. About half of the questions in the final exam had identical past exam questions which was great. BUT both the midsem and final had one slightly abstract/novel question but they were doable.

Lectures were uploaded to an external website rather than blackboard, I would recommend looking at slides with audio because of the funny references Joseph makes. The bubble lecture was cool.

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Semester 2 - 2015

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  • easier than MATH2400
  • Joe was the best lecturer
  • best 5 out of 6 for assignments
  • tutorial content varied depending on tutor
Posted on July 9, 2016 9:42 pm

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