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The Admiral
MECH3100 – Mechanical Systems Design 52.0

I did MECH3100 in 2018, and it is one of the more challenging courses that I have done in terms of group management. Our year was purely a design project with a group of 20 people which is at least 10 too many and it begs the question of what people are meant to be getting out of an over-resourced project. There were people who were genuinely left out of the conversations and others who straight up made no effort to contribute and then there was the extreme of others just pulling the weight to an unfair degree. This is my strongest criticism of the course as when there is a large group of people who will hardly contribute, then what are they actually getting out of it?

We had to make a Kinetic Energy Recovery System which uses stored energy to gain height on a ramp and for the most part it was a lot of conceptualising, calculating, CAD modelling and testing. You even get access to MakerSpace to build your conceptual contraption and it is good to learn how to use various tools and other common manufacturing methods. You get to build this all within a budget and test it for real on demo day and there were a lot that succeed and a lot that failed. If you did go off the rails, you do have a second shot at it which I thought was a good incentive. The project itself was a good idea to begin with but I want the

For our milestones we had to set our own deadlines which is silly in my opinion as it was completely arbitrary and you lost your own marks if you didn't meet your own arbitrary deadline. The earlier you submitted, the higher your mark. A lot of other groups missed out on theirs for being far too ambitious but the fault of not being set a constant deadline is not one I have experienced in any other course of my degree. The reports were marked on your contribution to the report rather that an overall mark with PAF on the report (we did do overall PAF though) which again is a first in Mech Engineering. Hal Gurgenci loves his 8am Group Seshes and my god do you feel like a zombie in the morning! His management of the course was a bit loose with explanations and clarifications but it is worth clarifying stuff to make sure you are always on the correct track.

The strangest bit was that the course ended in Week 11, so the course was compressed. It should have been a bit more spaced out and again this falls back to Hal's management. This is a compulsory course so do make the most of it, there are flaws with it but there are good resources that are available to you.

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BE (Mech)

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The Pracs are but the lectures only for the first few weeks

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Worth reading but not compulsory

  • Good experience with building and budgeting
  • Good tutors and resources
  • Massive Groups
  • Course Management is ewww
Posted on January 20, 2020 9:11 pm

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