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MSTU1000 – Introduction to Media Studies 70.3

While the course is called an intro to media studies (which should cover the three aspects of industry, text and audience), the content of the course mainly examines the Australian media industry and issues within the different fields. Nevertheless, it is an interesting course that looks at how we consume media and the industry itself.

One of the things I really liked from the course was that, in the first half of lectures, people from the media industry came in to speak (e.g. someone in the radio, film or music industry). It provides an insight into the different fields and how they function. However, speaking from my own experience, I found this course with more flaws than benefits.

One thing I learnt from others in the course was that tutorials were carried out differently depending on the tutor (my tutor was Adam). While this is understandable, there is one piece of assessment (Leading Class Discussion) that determines how tutorials are carried out. Some tutes were a good mix of student and teacher engagement - the leading class discussion assessment incorporated into the tute. For my tutorial group, the tutes were mainly run by the students - the assessment more of a presentation and actually teaching the content to the group rather than engaging and incorporating both student and teacher.

On the topic of assessment, it is reasonable but again, there are some flaws. The essay questions are heavily focused on (and restricted to) the Australian media industry - while important, I feel like essay questions need to be more open for interpretation. On that note, the leading class discussion heavily depends on an interpretation mark and I feel like some people got marked down because 1. they didn't cover the content (relating back to the structure of tutes) or 2. they didn't interpret the source "correctly."

To be honest, you never get much individual feedback but rather general feedback (understandable since there are so many students but I feel like some sort of personalisation should be there) unless it was for the leading class discussion assessment. Also when I tried to get some assistance for my final essay (emailing was more convenient for me), I never got a reply.

Extremely sorry for the long review but this is just my experience with the course. I feel like if they removed the leading class discussion assessment, it would be a more rewarding experience. Nonetheless, the content itself was quite interesting - how the course was structured however is on a different note.

Semester taken

Semester 1 - 2015

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Bachelor of Arts

Is lecture attendance necessary?

To be honest, not really but interesting to go when industry professionals do a lecture.

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  • The textbook is your friend: it has everything you need
  • Industry professionals speaking at lectures
  • Course content is interesting
  • Inconsistency with assessment
  • Lack of communication and individual feedback
  • Overall course structure
Posted on July 9, 2015 10:37 pm

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