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MUSC1010 – Introduction to Music Technology 51.0

MUSC1010 is a good introduction to music technology and production, and I feel as if I gained a great deal of information from it. The course content was really quite good, and covered all bases in terms of music production, both fact and theory. However, there was plenty left to be desired in this course.

First and foremost, the lecturer I had in semester 1 was pretty subpar. James McEwan could never seem to project himself in lectures, leading to what could only be described as 2 hours of mumbling about condenser microphones. While the tutorials were significantly better in terms of coherency, contacting the guy found to be near-impossible. When I eventually did get a hold of him, he essentially just sent me on my way, which was infuriating considering he was the only person who could help me out.

The tutorials/workshops had a firm basis upon the practical element of the course, which stands up far more on its own than the lecture-based theory element. The final exam, based entirely upon theory, was one of the easiest I've ever taken (to the point where it makes me wonder why it was even necessary for there to be one). The assignments in garageband, protools and sibelius, however, were great elements of the course.

Overall, I'd still recommend this course for people looking to delve into music technology, as it's no doubt a helpful, easy and informative introduction.

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Semester 1 - 2015

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  • Interesting course content
  • Great practical elements
  • Lecturer is sub-par and impossible to contact
  • Stupidly easy and unnecessary final exam
  • Redundant theory elements
Posted on July 28, 2015 3:50 pm

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