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Learning Materials ( 55.5 )
Learning Activities ( 86.5 )
Blackboard Management ( 52 )
Course Content ( 82 )
Course Structure ( 58 )
Contact Availability ( 27.5 )
Course Difficulty ( 50 )

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PHIL1013 – Introduction to Ethics 46.4

Ethics itself is always a super engaging topic. Most people will have strong views about what they think is right or wrong - which leads to very engaging tutorials. Sadly, I think this is the one first year course that deserves to have 2 hour tutorial as opposed to the usual 1. Although this could the said for all philosophy courses.

The biggest downside to this course is the lecturer, Dr Julian Lamont.

I don't understand why but he insists on being present for all the tutorials. At first this seemed like a bonus. However, he insists on taking over completely and often wasted what little time we had on very long winded and unnecessary explanations. On top of this the poor tutor feels like a just another student, the lecturer wouldn't let the guy do his job and it was very clear the tutor wasn't happy about the situation.

Additionally, while the lectures are engaging purely for the topics, from euthanasia to the death penalty, it's delivered in such a way makes you want to smash your head agianst a wall. The lecturer constantly forgets what he's talking about and takes twice as any other lecturer I've experienced.

Furthermore, the lecturer was inconsistent with his own assessments pieces. The course profile says "the pop-quizzes will always be announced before the lecture" however one week we did not get an announcement and still had a quiz in the tutorial. The lecturer erroneously stated that the course profile says there's a pop-quiz every tutorial. Therefor we were suppose to assume without notice that it was on.

But it didn't say that.


Semester taken

Semester 1 - 2017

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Is lecture attendance necessary?

Yes - if you care about mini quizzes

Is the textbook necessary?

Not really

  • Ethics is fun
  • Tutorials were engaging
  • No Final Exam
  • Julian Lamont
  • Pop-quizzes makes lecture and tutorial attendance reqhired
  • Tutorial too short
Posted on August 28, 2017 10:50 am
PHIL1013 – Introduction to Ethics 74.7

Kevin Lowe was the lecturer and my tutor at the UQ Ipswich Campus. His ability to convey the principles of ethics as well as use everyday examples to help those, including myself, understand the course information was beyond great. I would love to be taught by Kevin again as his public speaking skills were impeccable and his nerdy humor was always welcome. Introduction to Ethics was a great way to be introduced to philosophical terms and essay writing. It enables deep thinking and explores your philosophical side. I have learn't to view both sides of a situation in greater detail now as this is required in the essay writing. I'm sure those who are willing to give this subject a shot will greatly enjoy the course content and assessment, despite having a different lecturer.

Semester taken

Semester 1 - 2014

Your program/major

Bachelor of Arts

  • Lectures were always interesting
  • Very good questions to discuss in tutorials
  • The textbook was very interesting
  • Whilst interesting, the lectures were too long
  • Tutorials too short
Posted on June 24, 2014 10:15 pm

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