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PHIL2011 – Philosophy of Modern Physics 72.5

Have you ever made risotto?

If you know the process, it's dead simple - stir, add stock, repeat, add the meat and veg. Your reward is a bowl of creamy, nutty, meaty goodness that will have the girl of your dreams in your bed faster than you can say "mama mia", unless she's Italian and you'll never be able to cook risotto just like her mother does and you'd probably offend her by saying "mama mia" anyway as though you expect her to conform to stereotype so maybe just keep quiet and cook something else, ya dig?

If you don't know the process, though, learn fast, because otherwise you're going to end up with a bowl of burnt rice that will have the girl of your dreams leaving your apartment faster than you can say "oi sheila get back 'ere ya mutt", which is probably a good thing because if you did manage to get that out, she'd leave anyway but probably deliver a slap on the way out.

In this way, PHIL2011 is a lot like making risotto.

If you can read and summarise needlessly academic papers, apply a couple of basic equations (algebra is necessary), write a logically structured argument, spout nonsense philosophy, and understand simply put physical principles... then you can probably nab a 7 just by showing up to lectures, handing in your assignments, and studying for a few hours before the gloriously easy exam. If you struggle with those skills... then you might have to go to tutorials as well to get a 7. It really is a remarkably easy course, specially if you've had any exposure to the physical concepts before (quantum, relativity, thermodynamics, etc.).

"But hang on," you cry, "risotto is not just easy, but delectable too!". Well, if a course could be delectable... this course would be delectable. It's intellectually delectable, as it were. Intellectable. Mmm.

Topics covered in the 'physics' section of the course include:

* Time travel (which I wrote a meandering, bizarre essay on that still got 92.5/100)
* Faster-Than-Light travel (only possible for bad news)
* Black holes (and spacefaring yet astronomically [heh] inept civilizations flying into them)
* The Big Bang (no, not the non-Italian girl you gave your risotto to)
* The death of the universe (if this doesn't interest you, you may be clinically brain dead - see a doctor)

Topics covered in the 'philosophy' section of the course include:

* Asking "what does this really mean?" about the physics content and accepting just about any answer as long as you can half-assedly justify it
* Dense readings that are usually 'trying' to communicate a fairly simple point but obfuscate it either out of incompetence or wankery

(The philosophy section is really interesting too - it's just a bit airy-fairy and overly academic, that's all)

All up, PHIL2011 is easy, interesting, and would make for great coffee table conversation with an Italian girl who is unimpressed with your risotto but smitten by your seemingly in-depth knowledge of cosmology and quantum physics, and particularly the way your brow furrows while supposedly pondering a question of universal significance, though you're actually wondering if you've undercooked the chicken in your risotto and whether breaking this news to her would hurt your chances.

Oh well. At least the rice was good.

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Semester 2 - 2013

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  • What better time to learn about the universe than in university?
  • Likely an easy course for any science / math students.
  • No wrong answers in the philosophy segment
  • Readings seem like they were written by grant-hungry professors trying to sound smart
  • I am incredibly hungry for risotto now, but have stir fry planned tonight instead. #firstworldproblems
  • No wrong answers in the philosophy segment
Posted on March 11, 2014 10:03 pm

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