POLS2404 – The Political Dynamics of Development and Resistance

Lecturer Dr Heloise Weber
Course Link UQ Site
Faculty HASS
Prerequisites None
Contact Hours 2 Lecture hours, 1 Tutorial hour
Semester(s) Taught Semester 2
Course Units 2
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Learning Materials ( 96 )
Learning Activities ( 80 )
Blackboard Management ( 87 )
Course Content ( 100 )
Course Structure ( 84 )
Contact Availability ( 96 )
Course Difficulty ( 60 )

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POLS2404 – The Political Dynamics of Development and Resistance 86.1

Really interesting topics discussed - an expansion of the first year subject POLS1701. It does help if you have done a similar 'Development' course like POLS1701 first to understanding the basic concepts, but the course is structured that it isn't essential.

For me the lecturers (Kamil and Michael) made this subject so great. They are so blatantly interested and passionate about their work and it really helps engage with the subject. They are constantly encouraging students to reach out and have a conservation about the topics or ask any questions- which I loved considering in so many uni courses the lectures almost discourage additional engaging questions and just want to get through the content.

The assessment pieces were reasonable, but not too hard. It's fairly easy to get a decent mark if you attend the tutorials and do the preparation necessary.

P.S. It's not an option but I took this course in Sem 2, 2020

Semester taken

Semester 1 - 2017

Your program/major

Bachelor of Health Sciences

Is lecture attendance necessary?

I mean I guess not but I definitely would - it makes it so much easier to understand and the lecturers make it so entertaining.

Is the textbook necessary?

The readings (even just the required ones) are super useful but not absolutely essential if you prefer to do your own research for the essays.

  • The lecturers
  • So interesting
  • You learn so much and get some great discussions in the tutorials
  • Depending on your tutor, sometimes they are very specific how they mark and what they want to see in assessment pieces
Posted on December 3, 2020 8:03 pm

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