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Learning Materials ( 91 )
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Blackboard Management ( 97 )
Course Content ( 88 )
Course Structure ( 87 )
Contact Availability ( 94 )
Course Difficulty ( 57 )

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WRIT2120 – Creative Writing: Screenwriting 84.6

This course is great for budding screenwriters and those interested in writing for film. It goes through the basics of screen storytelling and provides an insight to the film industry. The lecturer is well-versed in the field and very engaging. All the tutors have experience in the industry though I found my own tutor hard to approach for any help. There is a large emphasis on the industry and how to get into the industry - even if it wasn't explicitly stated.

I found there was a sufficient amount of assessment that was suitably weighted. The short pitch, treatment and final script are pretty straightforward and really helped me develop my own skills. There's a complete outline to each assessment so it's pretty easy to get through each assessment without any struggles. Just a lot of time and a head full of stories is all you need.

Barely any readings and lectures are full of examples from existing films so it's interesting to go to them but not compulsory. Tutorial attendance and participation is another part of the grade though mostly it comprises of developing your story and sharing it with others. So if you're not comfortable with sharing your ideas then it's probably not the course for you. However, I found (in my tutorial) some individuals had more help than others while others might miss out on the chance and make tutorial attendance practically useless for their own development.

All in all, it's an interesting course that allows creativity and anyone with an interest in writing for film and/or TV should take. It serves as a good intro to writing for screen though some minor flaws with the teaching process.

Semester taken

Semester 2 - 2015

Your program/major

Bachelor of Arts

Is lecture attendance necessary?

No but interesting to go to

Is the textbook necessary?

No textbook required

  • Reasonable assessment
  • Interesting and engaging lectures with examples from films
  • Emphasis on the industry and real world applications
  • Emphasis on writing for film (but nonetheless, a good introduction to writing for entertainment regardless)
  • Tutors may seem hard to approach
  • Emphasis on the industry
Posted on February 1, 2016 2:06 pm

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