AGRC7046 – Leadership in Rural Industries and Communities

Lecturer Jim Cavaye
Course Link UQ Site
Faculty Science
Prerequisites None
Contact Hours INTERNAL: Gatton & St Lucia - A full day workshop every second week. EXTERNAL: No contact
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Campbell Ray
AGRC7046 – Leadership in Rural Industries and Communities 12.9

The course focuses on "personality types" through pop-psychology, and involves day long workshops that mostly consist of "team building" exercises. The course materials are not very applicable to the real world. They tend to focus almost exclusively on long-debunked things like the "Myers-Briggs Type Index" which is generally considered to be of very marginal use within areas that study psychology. However, there is very little to no room to critically engage with these concepts, and the assessment effectively requires students taking this class to pretend that we believe in these ideas despite large amounts of research that shows they are not of much use, putting people who have a background in science or in psychology in an awkward situation where what we submit has to be fabricated in order to meet the assessment criteria.

Out of two undergraduate degrees, a graduate certificate in Science, and now a Masters in Agricultural Science, I can say with absolute certainty that this has been the most pathetic class I've ever had to take. I strongly recommend not taking this class if at all possible. It's an easy grade if that is what you are after, but if you're at university to learn anything there are probably far better options.

The lecturer is usually available and does a decent job managing the blackboard site, but given the course on the whole is so poor this certainly doesn't help redress the problems it has.

Semester taken

Semester 1 - 2017

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Masters of Agricultural Science (Plant Protection)

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  • Easy
  • Requires belief in discredited pop-psychology
  • Day long classes
  • "Team Building Activities" constantly
Posted on December 14, 2017 2:41 pm

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