ARCS3010 – Field Archaeology

Lecturer Dr Patrick Faulkner
Course Link UQ Site
Faculty HASS
Prerequisites #10 ARCA/ARCS courses which must include ARCA1000 & ARCA2030 or ARCS2030 or ARCA1001
Contact Hours 4 Practical or Laboratory hours
Semester(s) Taught Semester 2
Course Units 2
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Learning Materials ( 100 )
Learning Activities ( 100 )
Blackboard Management ( 100 )
Course Content ( 100 )
Course Structure ( 100 )
Contact Availability ( 100 )
Course Difficulty ( 80 )

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ARCS3010 – Field Archaeology 97.1

This is the most relevant archaeology course you will undertake at UQ. You learn the practical and 'real life' side of archaeology, as the focus is on excavation method and theory. Using the ATARC site is really fun and there is very little classroom/lab time. Online lectures allow you to access the information flexibly and the required textbook is actually one you will be glad you bought (and it isn't too expensive).

Mini-assessments throughout the semester allowed me to prepare myself for the major assessment (excavation and site report). If you don't have any field work experience that is fine - the instructor is easy going and teaches us each step in a clear and organised way. Learning resources including the lectures, readings and manuals are helpful and are something that will be handy in the future too.

No exam. The final assessment is time consuming, but the majority of the work (for all assessments) is completed in class time which is great.

The 4 hours seems like a lengthy class time, but it passes very quickly and the activities are enjoyable.
The group work component is great + useful.

Semester taken

Semester 2 - 2014

Your program/major

BA extended archaeology

Is lecture attendance necessary?


Is the textbook necessary?


  • Skills for the real world.
  • Interactive activities + group work
  • Online lectures
  • Participation - do not recommend taking this in a semester where you have medical issues, other responsibilities etc.
Posted on October 21, 2014 10:03 pm

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