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BIOC3000 – Advanced Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 29.4

Despicable course. Every single aspect of it was frustrating. By in large the pracs were both tedious and useless; I did not acquire any biochemistry lab skills that were even remotely valuable. I loathed the News & Views article, Expert review and the associated tutorials, which did not help with the assignments anyway. Basically, everyone chooses a research paper (from a selection) with which we all had to write an article (News&Views) explaining it in lay terms, then analyse and critique it for the Expert Review'. I hated this immensely but some people did enjoy it for reasons that are beyond me. Make sure you choose your paper wisely (and early to get your first choice). These assignments and tutorials can become unbearably tedious if you are not interested in your topic, since you spend the entire semester on it. The lecture content was delivered in an atypical way, but this is not a typical course. It is a 'capstone' course which probably does justify why it felt as though the content was taught poorly. The good thing, however, was that the content didn't need to be memorised much, because the final exam tested understanding and application of skills rather than simple knowledge. By the way, I found the course very biological - no chemistry whatsoever - it should be named 'Advanced molecular biology' rather than 'Advanced biochemistry & molecular biology'

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Semester 1 - 2017

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BSc Chem

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Posted on July 22, 2017 7:35 pm

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