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Learning Materials ( 96.5 )
Learning Activities ( 91.3 )
Blackboard Management ( 95 )
Course Content ( 87.5 )
Course Structure ( 87 )
Contact Availability ( 93.8 )
Course Difficulty ( 62.5 )

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BIOM2020 – Human Anatomy 93.6

My favourite course so far! BIOM2020 is an interesting, fast-paced and detailed course that provides a great introduction to human anatomy! The lecturers are all extremely invested and experienced and I truly cannot fault them. It is obvious that really they want their students to succeed and will do anything to help them! Dr Stephan is approachable and fair course coordinator and I honestly have the utmost respect for him.

The practicals, while optional, are extremely useful (so long as you put in the work before hand) and the tutors are absolutely amazing. If you want to pass the course, it's probably best that you attend ALL of them as they provide experiences that the textbooks can't.

Assessments are moderately easy (however, the statistics assignment is extremely time consuming and frustrating) but can be intimidating (i.e. the practical exams). That's not to say that the course isn't difficult - it is probably the most challenging course that I've completed thus far but also the most rewarding.

Overall, BIOM2020 is a great course if you are prepared to put in the work!

Semester taken

Semester 1 - 2016

Your program/major

BSc, biomedical science

Is lecture attendance necessary?

YES! They often don\'t record the review lectures and sometimes the lecturers step away from the mic to make comments.

Is the textbook necessary?

Yes. Other resources (such as Kenhub) are also valuable.

Positives No positive points
Negatives No negative points
Posted on June 10, 2017 10:17 pm
BIOM2020 – Human Anatomy 72.7

This course is really overwhelming, do not do for a fun elective! The content is really interesting, and I enjoyed learning it but there is just too much squeezed in to one semester. I think this course would benefit from being broken up into more than one course. 7 contact hours a week is too much, especially considering how much prep work needs to be done. There is too much to remember, and it is difficult to keep up if you can't spare that much time due to other commitments. The lecturers are all good, and their passion is tangible which is really important. The stats component was really helpful, but the coding in R was horrible. Get rid of the R bit and the stats component would be the best stats component I have ever done. I wish that there had been more learning materials to help memorise the vast amounts of stuff we had to memorise, and to better visualise the systems when we weren't able to be in the GAF.

Semester taken

Semester 2 - 2014

Your program/major


Is lecture attendance necessary?

no, but tutorials are important and it is difficult to catch up if you miss many

Is the textbook necessary?

an anatomy text book is necessary

  • well organised
  • great stats component
  • interesting and relevant content
  • too much interesting and relevant content
  • too many contact hours
  • I hate R
Posted on May 25, 2015 8:11 pm
Sally Wilkinson
BIOM2020 – Human Anatomy 95.8

BIOM2020 is one of the best courses I have completed at UQ so far. I completed it during the summer semester between 2013/14 and it was worth giving up the holiday. The biostats assignment was a bit confusing - not because we weren't taught functions in class - but because there was no general overview of coding, which was disappointing as most of the students had never done this before. However, it was relatively easy to do well in the assignment with the resources available (I have never coded before and got a 6, my friends who had more experience using R got 7s). The course is taught extremely well, each lecturer was interesting and obviously very knowledgeable about their own subject, and the practical sessions are useful and fun. For many, it is the first time working with cadavers but I don't think anyone was apprehensive thanks to the attitude of the teaching staff in the laboratory. It was clear we should feel nothing but extremely grateful for the people who donated their bodies, and it was amazing to have the opportunity to learn from the lab and anatomy museum specimens.
I really enjoyed this course, I would recommend it to anyone able to enrol in the course, especially as what you learn can be so easily applied to your own body.

Semester taken

Semester 2 - 2013

Your program/major


  • Dr Babri is one of the most engaging biomedical subject lecturers
  • Chris Glen is an excellent lab tutor
  • Course content was extremely interesting
  • It was confusing as to how much depth each topic was covered
  • R (used for the Biostats assignment) was not taught as well as it could have been
  • Some of the lab tutors can be mildly condescending and unhelpful (although most of them are extremely kind and eager to help!)
Posted on February 28, 2014 3:44 pm
BIOM2020 – Human Anatomy 98.3

One of my most favourite subjects so far! BIOM2020 is a SUPER interesting course and a great introduction to Human Anatomy! Lectures are really fun and highly interesting and the lecturers like to interact with students and ask questions as they teach. Assessments are reasonably easy (as long as you know basic statistics i.e. do STAT1201 before you take this course) and all the lecturers are awesome & friendly! Course content is structured really well and becomes more and more interesting as the semester progresses! The practicals are optional so students don't have to attend them, but it is highly recommended you attend them if you want to pass the course!

Teaching style in the practicals is very laid back, students are given a prac manual which gives you instructions on how to examine cadavers/wet specimens and also has exam style questions that you can answer as your progress through a practical session. Tutors are usually walking around the labs and they assist you with examining specimens and answer any questions you have. The course has 3 exams: 2 practical exams (1 mid-semester, 1 EOS) and 1 EOS theory exam. The mid-semester prac exam generally covers content from the first 4-5 weeks of semester and the EOS prac exam covers content from the rest of the semester.

Prac exams are held in the gross anatomy facility (GAF) and consist of a variety of different wet/dry/plastinated specimens which are laid out on tables. A particular part of each specimen (i.e. a muscle, bone, organ...etc) is pinned with a tiny pin. One student is assigned to every table and each student is given an answer sheet. Students have to identify the pinned structure/bone/organ on the specimen and write down the answer on their answer sheet. Students have ~54 seconds to answer each question at each table. After 54 seconds, a bell sounds and students move one table to the left (or right) and identify the next specimen.

If you attend all (or most) lectures/pracs, revise every week and keep on top of all work, then the EOS exam is also reasonably easy. It generally covers everything taught during the semester and consists of both multiple choice and short answer questions.

Overall a really great course and if you're a BSc or Biomed student that's aiming to study Medicine later on, I highly recommend you take this course! It's a very ~gentle~ and well-structured intro to Human Anatomy and will help you greatly throughout your degree(s) :) Learning resources for this course are also great! Aside from the textbook and reasonably detailed lecture notes/prac manual, the GAF is open to students 4 days a week (from 9-4 I think), and anatomy students can go down there and study the specimens.

PS. Course coordinator will not email you Blackboard announcements so make sure to check BB regularly for updates! This lecture also has lecture recordings for those of you wondering, but don't rely on the recordings!! This course is super fun and interesting so go to your lectures!

Semester taken

Semester 1 - 2013

Your program/major


  • Interesting
  • Fun pracs
  • Great lecturers and tutors!
  • Biostats assignment is a little annoying to do (if you're not good at statistics like me!)
Posted on February 27, 2014 9:32 pm

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