CHEE2001 – Process Principles

Lecturer Dr Steven Pratt
Course Link UQ Site
Faculty EAIT
Prerequisites MATH1051 + (CHEM1100 or CHEM1020) + (ENGG1500 or ENGG1050)
Contact Hours 5 Contact hours
Semester(s) Taught Semester 1
Course Units 2
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Learning Materials ( 85 )
Learning Activities ( 60 )
Blackboard Management ( 47.5 )
Course Content ( 62.5 )
Course Structure ( 52.5 )
Contact Availability ( 55 )
Course Difficulty ( 70 )

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CHEE2001 – Process Principles 88.6

Took in Sem 1 2017.

A really good course, well structured and fantastic tutors. Best part of the course was the trip to Gladstone, where you tour processing plants, talk to chemical engineers and get to meet heaps of people studying chemical engineering! To succeed in the course, make sure you keep up to date with tutorials and make the most of the Active Learning Sessions (Two, two hour sessions weekly). Attending the weekly lecture isn't really necessary and you can notice that as the semester progresses less and less people attend them. To be honest, most of the lecture content is covered in the active learning sessions so you probably wouldn't need to watch them.

The assessment for the course is fairly straightforward, however there are two group projects, so really luck of the draw depending how your experience with that will be. Consider the homework sheets as free marks and good revision for the quizzes. For the final exam make sure you set up a google doc with your class as there are no answers for the past exams. If you've kept up to date with the active learning sessions throughout the semester revision for the final exam can be boiled down to a two day study session in swotvac (just practice, practice, practice past exam questions). Regarding the textbook, you will probably want to have a copy of it, as well as the answer booklet (you can find them online).

Semester taken

Semester 1 - 2016

Your program/major

BE (Chem Bio)

Is lecture attendance necessary?


Is the textbook necessary?


  • Gladstone
  • Don't need to attend classes
  • Alot of free marks
  • Group work
  • No answers to past exams
Posted on June 23, 2017 8:45 pm
CHEE2001 – Process Principles 35.0

Took it sem 1 - 2016, but there is no option for that here so just said sem 2 - 2015.

The course was very confusing at the start and end.
felt like I had missed a prerequisite course when I started because everything just did not make sense at the start, and was very poorly explained.

I only understood the course content through past tutorial papers. This helped a lot. I figured things on my own on how it all works, which then got gradually easier. But, the exam questions were so difficult, and the whole course is marked very harshly without proper reasons.

The lecturer is not very good, he did not make a single thing clear, and if you tell him that he'd just argue by continuing to say that my question is not clear. Also, if we ask him a question (even about assignments, which had NO CRITERIA SHEETS) he would answer back with a question like "i dont know, is it?" or a sarcastic remark.

For assignment, like i said, there was no criteria sheet. The lecturer said that he had uploaded a detailed outline of what was required, but it was a document with 3 dot points that had obvious pointers (eg have good sentence structure)
For marking of it, they never explained how they marked it. We lost a bunch of marks because they just didn't like how our flowsheet was positioned on the page, but no feed back on where to put it instead. We learnt from others who did not lose marks on flowsheet positioning and did that for next project, still lost marks, this time with a feedback on how it should be positioned, which was identical to how we had positioned it in the first project.

The exam was also horrid. There were questions that were so vaguely written that it didn't make sense. I took the previous years' exam and tut questions that didn't make sense to the tuts and they had no idea what it was either.

For our years' exam, the last question was just a what the hell. It was unlike anything we have ever been taught/practiced/was previously given.

The question asked us to find an output temperature from a reaction. All other variables were given or able to be found, BUT they GAVE us an output temperature to work with as well... It just didn't make sense. Talked to a lot of other students, and I haven't yet met anyone who has successfully that question.

Myself and few people I know have asked in regards to what the hell that question was, but all we got back in response was "We'll look into it"

Lecture: Don't need to go, its a complete waste of time, use the book and tutorial papers.
Blackboard: Never have they actually uploaded anything on time, or they just won't uploaded

Semester taken

Semester 2 - 2015

Your program/major

BE (Chem)

Is lecture attendance necessary?


Is the textbook necessary?


  • well divided marks
  • no pracs
  • worst time table
  • lecturer doesn't care
  • unjustified harsh marking
Posted on July 31, 2016 10:47 pm

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