CRIM2300 – Comparative Criminology – the Cross-Cultural Study of Crime and Criminal Justice

Lecturer Dr Lacey Schaefer
Course Link UQ Site
Faculty HASS
Prerequisites CRIM1000, CRIM1019
Contact Hours 3 Contact hours
Semester(s) Taught Semester 1
Course Units 2
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Learning Materials ( 100 )
Learning Activities ( 100 )
Blackboard Management ( 80 )
Course Content ( 95 )
Course Structure ( 90 )
Contact Availability ( 100 )
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CRIM2300 – Comparative Criminology – the Cross-Cultural Study of Crime and Criminal Justice 94.2

This course is a lot like watching your childhood teddy get run over. Except the teddy is all the crime theories you've learned so far, and CRIM2300 is the truck. Sure, the teddy isn't alive, and can't feel pain of being ripped apart by CRIM2300's judgemental tyres... but you got to know that teddy! You invested time in it, chose it over the others, gave it love and started to see the uniqueness that separated your 'criminology' teddy from those other 'psychology' teddys.

You'll want to scream, "why did you do that? The teddy was fine the way it was!!" But now it's a ripped up mess of fluff and missing a bead eye and you'll wonder whether you can still love it in this form. Maybe you should've been a lawyer like your dad said.

Stick with it, because CRIM2300 (as cruel as it may initially appear) allows you to rebuild this crime theory teddy bear. With robot arms and dragon wings. Shit just got real!

So anyway, despite the emotional roller coaster I went through last semester - I definitely recommend. Take the course, it expands your criminological views for the world and the changing times. The emergence of new theories and the relevance of the old ones. It's a new course offered by the uni (only started last semester) and yet it is really well put together.

I know, after week 5 you might want to throw everything about criminology you've learned in the bin, but if you wait a little longer, Lacey's intellectually destructive classes will allow you to grow in a better direction. Lacey is also ready good with feedback despite your distraught state. Yours, not mine. I was fine. What are you talking about?

Or maybe I just have Stockholm syndrome...

Semester taken

Semester 1 - 2014

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soc sci

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none required

  • allows you to see theories in a new light
  • intellectually stimulating
  • interesting and fun classes
  • What is real anymore?
Posted on July 29, 2014 10:58 pm

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