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Learning Materials ( 72 )
Learning Activities ( 68.5 )
Blackboard Management ( 24 )
Course Content ( 78.5 )
Course Structure ( 60.5 )
Contact Availability ( 56.5 )
Course Difficulty ( 37.5 )

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ECON2560 – Globalisation and Economic Development 52.1

TAKEN IN SEMESTER 2 2020 - It's an easy breeze through the course and the content is very informative. The course can be a bit of a drag - a lot of the content feels the same, and sometimes repetitive. The assignment is mildly interesting, but the task sheet is one of the worst I've ever come across. Do not hesitate to pop Ravi (the lecturer) an email if you get stuck - he is more than happy to help. It's easy to get a 6-7 in the course if you are good at writing essays and long answers.

Semester taken

Semester 1 - 2017

Your program/major

B Econ

Is lecture attendance necessary?

No - lecture slides are sufficient

Is the textbook necessary?

No, but truly helpful

  • Easy Distinction/HD
  • Lecturer is sweet
  • Uninformative/confusing task sheet
  • Poor Blackboard management
Posted on January 21, 2021 8:41 pm
ECON2560 – Globalisation and Economic Development 61.4

Taken in Semester 2 - 2017

This course is very interesting. If you are interested and care about developing countries and the economics behind them, this is the course for you. However, there is A LOT of content, so DO NOT CRAM STUDY!!

This course is subject to quite of bit of changes. This year was the first time the course had tutorials (which were very helpful and also an easy 15%). The mid semester was worth 25% and the final exam was worth 60%. Both of the marks in these exams were worth a lot. So one minor mistake actually costs a lot.

For the semester that I took this course, the content is displayed in a very different perspective. It was not like the other semesters (when looking at the past exams) which was annoying because that is part of the reason why I took this course.

Renuka is a great lecturer who really knows developing/transitional economies back to front. Also, if Renuka is still lecturing the course, be prepared for journal article readings and note taking. Although, this wasn't a significant part of the course it can be annoying.

Also, I would recommend doing ECON2010 before taking this course. It helps in understanding the graphs/microeconomics behind some of the content.

Semester taken

Semester 1 - 2017

Your program/major

B Econ/Sc

Is lecture attendance necessary?

depends on the lecturer

Is the textbook necessary?


  • very interesting
  • only 3 pieces of assessment (which includes the tutorial)
  • Renuka is a great lecturer
  • cannot cram study
  • heavy weightings for exams
  • journal article readings/note taking
Posted on December 3, 2017 12:26 pm

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