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GEOM2001 – Geographical Information Systems 80.7

It's REALLY easy to do well in this course if you put even a little effort into the assessments. The instructions for the practical questions and the project are so precise that, even if you had never watched a lecture or opened the program, you could still do well. The weekly quizzes are based only on that weeks lecture (and you get 2 attempts) so very easy to make those marks each week.

The GIS project does take some time and, unless you have a pretty powerful PC, you will need to complete most of the work in the SGPEM labs with ArcGIS installed. You also get extra marks for being "innovative" with your analysis, but the criteria here was extremely vague. All data from the "mandatory" field trip is uploaded and there is no attendance grade, so don't worry if you're unable to attend.

The content was sometimes a little dull but could also be quite interesting, especially the use of ArcGIS in the practicals. Lecturers were very responsive and there were revision lectures for the exam and help sessions for the project (although only two tutors trying to answer everybody's questions in only two hours). The tutors were very friendly and there was a helpful Facebook group run by tutors.

A lot of content is covered in the final and it has the usual passing hurdle but it's only 35% of the overall grade.

I would definitely recommend this course for BSc students looking for a more relaxed level two course.

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Semester 1 - 2017

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  • easy content
  • exact instructions for doing practicals and report
  • only 35% final exam
  • content can sometimes be tedious
  • field trip dull and a waste of time
  • vague marking criteria for project
Posted on June 30, 2017 10:14 am
GEOM2001 – Geographical Information Systems 86.0

This coarse was designed to teach students about how to create digital maps and understanding the theory behind how GIS works. I have to say the theory component was a bit boring but I think the content was really worthwhile. The practical were challenging but learnt a lot but they could benefit getting another tutor for the class. The best thing is you can actually have a skill to put on your resume once you finish instead of never thinking about the subject again.

Semester taken

Semester 1 - 2014

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Environmental Science

Positives No positive points
  • Need more tutors in practicals
Posted on June 6, 2014 5:48 pm

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