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MGTS3604 – Human Resource Development 29.0

I did this course in semester 1 - 2018 but the choice was available. The course itself was interesting but the lecturer isn't. She is rude, passive aggressive, disorganised, unfair and again, rude. She insults students, picks on them in front of everyone. She seems to know her stuff but doesn't know how to teach it to us. She didn't properly outline the course assessment and students were asking her questions. This is because what she was telling us was different to what the course profile was stating. In response, she sighed a lot in class whenever someone asked a question about the assessment and shrugged her shoulders. She then made a MGTS3604 facebook page and posted passive aggressive polls on the page about the assessment. She does not upload lecture slides until the day of the seminar or afterwards. And then she gets annoyed that we are taking notes in class.

There are regular assessments each week which is not a big deal. But for the first assessment piece, no one knew exactly what was required so everyone asked the lecturer. Again, she did not bother to even explain it. After everyone submitted their first assessment piece, she failed everyone and then got annoyed at us for not knowing what to write. She did not put up a rubric or anything to indicate what she wanted for the assessment. Also, she gives us 10 mins to complete the assessment in class and expects it to be submitted online at the end of the class. But during the class, she gets annoyed that people are working on it. To get a good mark, a decent amount of time was required to work on it and she didn't let us.

A few weeks into the semester, she decided to do a Kahoot where the questions were about her teaching. The questions were asking whether we were satisfactory with her organisation skills or her teaching skills. Since Kahoot can be made anonymous, everyone answered honestly. There was a high number of students who believed that Stace was disorganised and also not very great at teaching. She wasn't happy with these responses and instead, turned it around on us. Since she's from Canada, she said that UQ students are "spoon - fed" their education, that we are not used to having to work hard and that we are not "innovative".

For our presentation, we had to meet up with her beforehand. This applies to all groups. For the assignment we had to use a program called VideoScribe, which we had to pay for. In my group meeting with her, I asked her about this, I told her that we had to pay for it and if it was possible to use another program for the assignment. She again went on about how we are stupid for a bunch of uni students and to create a free trial for each member of the group so all together we would have 12 weeks free. We had thought of this but was unsure about whether we could transfer the file between trials. She then went on again about how UQ students are spoon fed our education.

Fast forward to when we got the program for our assignment. The free trial only allows us to use certain features. So one of my group members decided to pay $30 for us to use the premium features. Again, we bought this up with her and she said that she would reimburse anyone who had to pay for the program. In the second last week of class, she said that she provided us a free textbook (which we didn't even use by the way, it wasn't even useful for our weekly assessment pieces) and therefore she didn't have to pay the students back for buying Videoscribe. The free textbook was just a pdf file.

Throughout the semester, she continously picked on one student in particular. She would call out this student in front of the class and start heated discussions about the topic with her. This student went up to Stace during the semester to confront her about why she was always targeted and to try and clear up whatever was going on between them. Instead, Stace blamed the student and said that she "obviously has stuff going on in her life" and decides to take it out in class. This is untrue. I am very good friends with the student and she did not have any problems going on.

Overall, the course content is very interesting but the lecturer is batshit crazy and rude. The course isn't hard and this isn't a personal review because of a grade. I got a 6 overall.

Semester taken

Semester 1 - 2017

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Bachelor of Business Management/ Bachelor of Commerce (Majoring in Human Resources and Accounting)

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Is the textbook necessary?


  • Content was interesting
  • Disorganised, rude, passive aggressive lecturer
Posted on August 1, 2018 10:08 pm
MGTS3604 – Human Resource Development 29.3

Overall Opinion:
MGTS3604 was one of the most disorganised courses I've ever completed. With that said though, the assessment was so well divided that I was sitting on 58% of the course before even going into the final exam. The lecturer does not explain anything in detail, often going off on tangents for more than an hour and skipping lecture slides because of this. Textbook was a waste of money and tutorials were boring and never revised past lecture content.

Lecturer and Lecture Attendance :
Unfortunately the lecturer (Charmaine) is very unorganised and would just skip lecture slides saying "oh look at that later' or 'reads these all when you can tomorrow' because she would get so vastly side tracked she would run out of time say 20 slides into a 45 slide lecture. Lectures were a waste of time attending - it was held at such a ridiculous time and learnt so little that we basically gave up on attending and taught ourselves. It also didn't help that the lecturer hardly ever actually posted the lecture slides to BB on time before the lecture, many a time at the start of the semester I gave up and just didn't bother printing them cause they weren't even up the day of the lecture.

The textbook was a waste of money as she barely followed it, instead citing her own references from more than (approx.) 50+ journal articles she felt 'added to the content' when it wasn't even found in the textbook. She would also make heavy referencing toward the first year textbook she co-authored and as such, if you wanted to understand what she was talking about you would of had to go back, find a copy of it and read all the chapters she mentioned in her sidetracked rants - they weren't even shown on the recommended reading list.

Tutes were boring. I attended the first few as the tutorials were assessable but after the final assessable tutorial finished I didn't bother turning up to any more. I always attend tutorials but these so were so boring and pointless (didn't ever discuss what we had learnt in the lecture beforehand!) as the handouts were almost always sources from some random book and photocopied, no relevant questions or anything to help us study.

The assessment was broken into 3 pieces; (1) Tutorial Portfolio (35%, part group and Indiv activities), (2) Essay (25%, Indiv) and (3) Final Exam (40%). In a way, the assessment division was the only reason I took the course in the first place as there was only a little bit of group work and the rest was individual tutorial write ups, an essay and the final exam. A note to make also includes the fact that the lecturer was so disorganised she only gave us one link to submit everything online.... So when it came to submitting the essay, the link had been used to submit the tutorial portfolio - if the essay was submitted on top of it then first piece of assessment was deleted. Ridiculous, so unprofessional. She said to us last minute to just email it to her. Word of mouth was the only thing keeping us students in touch with what was happening as she told us one thing via announcements on BB then another to the tutors.

Semester taken

Semester 2 - 2014

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Is lecture attendance necessary?


Is the textbook necessary?


  • Easy assessment
  • Excellent assessment weightings (40% final exam)
  • Little to no studying is needed for final exam to pass
  • Course is extremly disorganised, lecture notes hardly ever uploaded in time for lecture
  • Lecturer skips content on slides and says to 'read them in your own time'
  • Tutorials are boring and do not re-iterate lecture content taught previously
Posted on June 14, 2015 3:12 pm

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