Dr Gilbert Burgh

Faculty Philosophy & Religion
Courses Taught PHIL1013, PHIL2700, WRIT2140
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Dr Gilbert Burgh 25.8

Gil is, I am sure, a lovely person. The issue is that his lectures are mind numbingly dull. Every week, we receive a .ppt file containing anywhere from 20 to 50 slides on the week's subject. On each of those slides is one voice file, some dot points and a vaguely relevant photo. The audio files do not play automatically, therefore one must click through every slide manually (also making them impossible to play in the background). There are no transcripts available (despite them being required) which is a major issue as in the last 20 seconds of each audio file the quality degrades massively. The readings are all from the same website. Emails enquiring about sections of the ECP were met with dismissive, condescending responses, and some were never replied to. Course quality deteriorated over the semester.

All in all, I received a better education from Crash Course Philosophy on youtube than I did this course. I have yet to complete an assessment, but I am sure that when I do, any passing grade I may receive I will attribute to the gracious funding of the NPR. Do not take any online courses where Gil is the lecturer. You will not find any value in them.

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Posted on September 17, 2020 12:56 am

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