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Dr Kevin Welsh 100.0

I can honestly say that within my cumulative 4 years of university while switching courses several times that I have never had a lecturer I can't fault on something relatively major. Kevin Welsh has the ability to make some of the most boring, uninteresting subject matters in science easy to remember and to understand. He's incredibly approachable and will always have time for any student who has difficulty in the courses he teaches. He's proactive and takes criticism extremely well when it is given and strives to be an excellent teacher instead of another lecturer on the UQ payroll. Well organised and very flexible when it comes to assessment.

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ERTH2003, ERTH2050,

  • Proactive
  • Fantastic people skills
  • All round fantastic lecturer
  • Has a tendency to waffle on in one on one explanations sometimes.
Posted on March 24, 2015 8:52 pm

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