Liz Springfield

Faculty Health & Rehab Sciences
Courses Taught OCTY2104, OCTY2208
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Helpfulness ( 41 )
Clarity ( 50.7 )
Easiness ( 50 )
Approachability ( 39.7 )
Organisation ( 48.7 )
Availability ( 41.7 )

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Liz Springfield 20.3

As a student from UQ I would expected a higher level of professionalism from Liz Springfield and should not be a lecturer of UQ as she was extremely unorganised and did not facilitate students requests of assistance when needed.

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  • Very unorganised and is very unapproachable as does not like to assist students to achieve their best
  • Does not assist student when wanting feedback nor is helpful
  • Not at all approachable as she never responds to students needs when wanting to meet with her
Posted on September 8, 2020 4:18 pm
Liz Springfield 95.0

I appreciate Liz's particular style. She seems to prioritise emails and attends to urgent matters directly. It was unfortunate that lecture notes were late to go up sometimes. However, I found Liz extremely approachable and when questioned in greater depth on any topic, she was knowledgeable, highly competent and willing to give her time. The mid-semester exam was a trial of a new online format and required in depth moderation by Liz herself, so was late in being returned. The Battelle assignment was spread across two blocks, with half of the class only completing the work in week 12. If results were back, the earlier students would be unfairly disadvantaged and conversely, the later students would also be disadvantaged. I found the case assignment in the end of semester had no relation to the earlier submission. They were wholly unrelated. She is a very fair marker and provides resources aplenty on blackboard around assessment to support students in self-paced study.
When I had problems outside of uni, Liz was wholly approachable and understanding. Of all the people I know in 2nd year OT, no one had issues receiving responses from Liz.
The previous review seems like a spiteful attack anonymously in a public place.

Which course did you take? (e.g. MGTS1301)


  • Warm, kind and approachable
  • Flexible and open to feedback or questions
  • Fair and professional
  • Would be good to have materials up on BB sooner
Posted on September 8, 2014 1:31 pm
Liz Springfield 20.5

Liz is a very knowledgable lecturer and provides a wealth of information that is relevant to all future Occupational Therapists. Despite being seemingly organised however, Liz has created quite a negative impact on my completion of a second year course. Not only does Liz not respond to emails, she has not released any results for this semester so far (we are in week 12/July) and all assessment was completed in April. This is thoroughly disappointing as not only do students not know whether they are even passing the course, the results and comments from previous assessment would no doubt be helpful for end of semester assessment. Many of us in the cohort have been given the impression that Liz is negligent in her role as a lecturer and does not provide the support that is required in any given course. Further, Liz promoted the use of discussion board on blackboard, however also doesn't respond to these queries within an acceptable time period (1 week), therefore leaving students to provide their own evaluations on what course content means for patients.

Which course did you take? (e.g. MGTS1301)


  • provides good content
  • does not respond to emails / provides not support at all
  • does not release results
  • does not answer questions in person directly
Posted on May 29, 2014 12:03 am

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