Dr Louise Ainscough

Faculty Biomedical Sciences
Courses Taught BIOM1052, PHYL2066, PHYL2067
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Helpfulness ( 90 )
Clarity ( 100 )
Easiness ( 100 )
Approachability ( 100 )
Organisation ( 100 )
Availability ( 100 )

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Dr Louise Ainscough 98.3

I absolutely loved Louise! She was always happy, bubbly, and clearly loved what she did. She was passionate about what she taught which made even the boring topics a little more interesting. She was happy to have a joke with the class but still managed to stay on track and never fell behind in the content (something a lot of lecturers struggle with...). She led all the practical lab classes and stayed behind to chat to anyone who had any questions. Overall a wonderful lecturer who made the course even more enjoyable :)

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  • Happy, bubbly and passionate
  • Always available and approachable
  • Stuck to the content and didn't fall behind
  • Sometimes didn't have an answer for questions that involved deeper content
Posted on September 28, 2015 10:16 am

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