Dr Michael Kearney

Faculty Mechanical & Mining Engineering
Courses Taught METR2800, METR3100
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Helpfulness ( 78 )
Clarity ( 85 )
Easiness ( 70.3 )
Approachability ( 83.7 )
Organisation ( 58.7 )
Availability ( 98 )

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Dr Michael Kearney 63.3

My experience with Michael was mixed. His lectures I guess were semi-ok, they were a bit dry but I was able to learn and participation in the lectures was rewarded. He is a very nice and chilled guy; however. not at all approachable. Comes across as a bit arrogant but once you talk to him you realise he isnt. He is a great guy, lectures quite well and is understandable when it comes to marks on demo day; although, lacks communication and organisational skills. One of the pracs students were expected to learn and implement a new coding style and system within 2 hours. When Michael realised that more than %70 of the studnets did not complete the task fully his response was "I assumed you would easily be able to do it all on time", with no adjustment of marks when clearly the task at hand was too time consuming for the time given. Overall mixed feelings.

Which course did you take? (e.g. MGTS1301)

METR3100 and METR2800

  • Interesting Lectures - bit dry
  • Somewhat understandable
  • Unapproachable in my opinion
Posted on January 13, 2017 2:45 pm
Dr Michael Kearney 100.0

Dr Michael Kearney works hard to improve his courses every year based on student feedback. He is incredibly approachable and friendly and also understands the necessity of a mid lecture coffee break during a 2 hour lecture at 8am on a Monday. He is also very good at explaining difficult concepts.

Which course did you take? (e.g. MGTS1301)

METR3100, METR2800

  • Friendly
  • Easy to understand
Negatives No negative points
Posted on August 5, 2014 5:22 pm
Dr Michael Kearney 73.5

Michael is a very good lecturer, clearly and concisely covers the important information for the courses he lectures in. He does not bring this clear and concise nature to assignments however, as they commonly are unclear in what is being asked and in how much detail is needed in any given situation. He appears to like group assignments a large amount, which is commonly infuriating.

Which course did you take? (e.g. MGTS1301)

METR3100, METR2800

  • Intelligent
  • Very nice person
  • Great lecturer
  • Unclear assignments
  • Group assignments
Posted on June 2, 2014 10:02 pm

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