Dr Michael Leveritt

Faculty Human Movement Studies
Courses Taught NUTR1023
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Helpfulness ( 80 )
Clarity ( 60 )
Easiness ( 100 )
Approachability ( 85 )
Organisation ( 70 )
Availability ( 20 )

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Dr Michael Leveritt 69.2

If you put in the effort and listen to what he says, you will get very high marks. He actually goes to a high amount of effort in lectures and posting various related information on blackboard which is genuinely helpful. Overall it is a great course which you can definitely relate to in your personal life, and is pretty interesting, lead by a great Lecturer.

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  • Great communication
  • Talks quite slow (watch lectures in 1.5 speed)
  • Can be quite monotonous
Posted on July 27, 2016 4:51 pm

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