Norman Ng

Faculty Human Movement Studies
Courses Taught HMST3925, HPRM1000
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Norman Ng 28.3

At first Norman comes across as a great lecturer, and thats about as good as he gets. In practice, he does not prepare tutorials or lectures or anything of course content to a standard worth paying for. His tutes are absolutely ridiculous compared to the other staff members who teach this course, and when I say ridiculous I mean that he reads of the slides, does not explain stuff and is quite rude about things. Also, when marking the tutorial assignment, if the topic doesnt agree with him e.g. if you chose a topic that is anti-him such as anything to do with gyming or "bulking", then he will just disregard the content and the standard and mark according to his values. He is quite unfair in that when assessing students in the mid-semester exam, in which he proclaims he had taught us the content (he didnt really considering he just read of the slides and we technically had to teach ourselves), will put questions on the exam that he would know only (because of his level of qualifications) and that no student would know because it was not addressed in the slides nor content in the lectures. It is for this reason that Norman saw practically the entire class fail or just pass an exam when diligent students are getting 7's or 6's in much more work intensive, difficult courses. Furthermore, the way Norman would laugh at how easy the mid-sem was despite all students performing terribly is quite unprofessional. Also, in other tutes the students would get to use step-up machines, be interactive.. but in Norman's tutes he would stand at the front bluntly and just address the class from the lecture. He was often late as well. He is not what i consider an appropriate person to be teaching this course.. I can see how he would be much better in doing research!

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  • He will mark according to his personal opinions, not what is written on the criteria sheet
  • He will only teach from lecture slides and will not expand
  • His approach to assessment is completely out of the capacity of the students.. especially because his lectures are very basic and lacking information and his exams bring up new information in which himself or graduated staff would know
Posted on April 28, 2016 12:09 pm

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