Dr Sally Butler

Faculty Media Studies & Art History
Courses Taught ARTT1106, ARTT2103, ARTT3100, ARTT3200
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Dr Sally Butler 39.3

I've taken several of Sally's courses and they have all been very different and very interesting. Sally definitely knows what she's talking about and easily draws connections between different art movements and individual works.

You will have to develop a thick skin as Sally can be quite abrasive and often takes the position of the Devil's Advocate. She can be difficult to reason with if you disagree with her.

Sally's assessment pieces are usually really interesting but I find that her marking criteria doesn't really reflect how she marks. Sally is the kind of lecturer that expects you to consult her during planning. She if often more critical of your work if you haven't done this.

Which course did you take? (e.g. MGTS1301)

ARTT3100, ARTT2106

  • Definitely knows what she's talking about
  • Incorporates practical experience into courses
  • Can be very abrasive
  • Assessment expectations are often difficult to understand
  • Can be quite condescending
Posted on November 13, 2016 12:10 am

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