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Helpfulness ( 42.5 )
Clarity ( 25.5 )
Easiness ( 85 )
Approachability ( 75 )
Organisation ( 55 )
Availability ( 60 )

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Dr Zoltan Neufeld 74.2

I had Dr. Neufeld for MATH3104, semester 1 2018. While he only taught 3 weeks of material (Mathematical Biology is a three part course), he was always prepared with his powerpoint slides and didn't rely heavily on reading off a given textbook. He made an effort to always talk with potentially confused students after lectures and in computer labs, which sometimes felt necessary given the way he teaches with his slides. Every week he'd add extra material (research paper, journal article etc.) to help with difficult sections of content. If you do miss lectures, you can't rely on just reading his powerpoint slides; they are just a summary of material in most cases.

Overall if you attend the lectures and are willing to approach him with any questions, you'll find Dr. Neufeld to be a helpful and engaging lecturer.

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  • Easily to talk to and makes an effort to be help out students in tutorials
  • Added bonus material to help further understanding of harder topics
  • Lecture slides were powerpoint with little content; more emphasis on actually attending lectures
Posted on July 13, 2018 12:32 pm
Dr Zoltan Neufeld 40.2

I currently have Zoltan for MATH2001 in the 2nd half of the Summer Semester 2017-18(having Philip Isaac in the 1st half). The transition has not been easy as the custom with all workbook based Maths subjects at UQ is the lecturer goes through the workbook in front of us making it easy for us to follow and copy down notes. Zoltan, however, uses a PowerPoint presentation every lecture leaving almost every student confused as to where to take notes in the workbook.

Additionally, attending lectures at UQ is a major hassle for me and as he doesn't speak into or anywhere near the microphone provided, I can barely hear him and I struggle to understand a majority of what he is saying through Lectopia. I have checked with at least 5 other students who attend lectures on this and they have all said he has made the learning aspect of the course much harder than it needs to be in terms of lecturer coherence. I've resorted to downloading past lectures and listening to them as they use the workbook and are actually audible.

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Posted on January 15, 2018 8:16 pm

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