Got a guideline suggestion?

If you think we are missing some important information regarding review guidelines, let us know! We are always trying to improve the site, so we love user feedback. Don’t hesitate to make a suggestion about our guidelines or rules!

These are some guidelines and rules to follow when posting a review. Every review on this site is moderated, so if you do not follow these rules, your post may not be approved.

1. Make sure your opinion is reinforced by fact.

Don't sayDo say
Dr Smith was fantastic.Dr Smith was fantastic. She explained things in simple language we can all understand.
Rob Smith is a goat.Rob Smith doesn’t explain the detail enough – he assumes lots of prior knowledge.
This course was interesting.This course provided a lot of interesting and useful information on relevant topics.
Lecture slides sucked.The learning materials provided were not up to UQ standards and often contained many mistakes. The lecture slides were not formatted well and were difficult to print.

2. Do not post libellous or defamatory content.

We do not accept reviews that are libellous, defamatory, or derogatory. Any comment that seems as if it is due to a personal vendetta resulting from a low grade will be deleted.

3. Try to give as much information as possible.

Reviews containing just a few words will not be approved. This site is a rating and review website. You should also steer away from writing a novel unless it is necessary.

4. Think carefully about the marks you give.

Other students use your comments to help them choose subjects. Was the subject generally bad or did it just not suit you? Was the lecturer really great or did you just like their personality?

4a. Avoid extreme ratings

If you really liked a course, don’t just give it 100 in every rating criteria. Be a little more constructive and try to identify even small faults. The same goes with negative reviews. We will not accept any review that has 0 for every criteria. This will help us have more robust and informative reviews.


5. Be constructive.

This is a great opportunity for lecturers to read honest appraisals of their work. We provide the option to post anonymously so that students will give honest, critical feedback.

6. Don’t post fake reviews

Only post reviews for courses you have taken before. Posting a review because you heard it was good from a friend is not acceptable. Posting fake reviews is a material breach of our guidelines and terms of service. If you are caught posting fake reviews, your IP will be banned from this website.

7. Reviews are your opinion.

By clicking ‘submit’, you are stating that it is your opinion, you are giving your opinion in the public interest and that it is not necessarily a statement of fact.